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Borobudur and Prambanan Temple

Java island is famous because of it's fantastic coffee, but you can see beautiful paradise in this tropical island. 
Borobudur temple, Central Java, YogjakartaIf you have some extra days, don’t forget to visit Java Island. You can see many beautiful places in Jogjakarta, and Central Java. Java is not far from Bali. You can fly to Java or by land.

Budha statue in Borobudur, Borobudur big Budha temple

Borobudur temple is so beautiful. Borobudur, the great Buddhist stupa on Java (Indonesia), built and decorated perhaps before 800AD, should be on anybody's list of the ten greatest art-complexes in the world for its size, quality, sophistication and excellent state of preservation.

Borobudur located in Central Java and very close from Jogjakarta. You can stay in Jogjakarta, so you can visit a big Hindu temple, Candi Prambanan

The Hindu temple Prambanan is a magnificent Shiva temple derives its name from the village where it is located. Locally known as the Lorocandi prambanan, hindu temple in Java, hindu temple in Yogjakarta Jonggrang Temple, or the temple of the "Slender Virgin", it is the biggest and most beautiful Hindu temple in Indonesia. Seventeen KM east of Yogyakarta, it is believed to have been built by King Balitung Maha Sambu in the middle of the ninth century. Its parapets are a domed with a bas-relief depicting the famous Ramayana Story. 

The first open air theatre on the southern side of the shiva temple, Hinduism, Shiva, Durga, Vishnutemples was built in 1960 and the new on the western side of the temple in 1988. During full moon evenings in the month from May to October, the Ramayana ballet is performed right here. The complex of Prambanan lies among green fields and villages. It has eight shrines, of which the tree main ones are dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. The main temple of Shiva rises to a height of 130 feet and houses the magnificent statue of Shiva's consort, Durga.