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Enjoy the sea garden paradise of Bunaken

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Bunaken sea view. Image:

Are you a fan of outdoor sports? Let's visit a very beautiful national park in Indonesia. One of the best national parks in the island nation is the Bunaken National Park. To reach  Bunaken you have to go to Manado. Bunaken Island area of ​​8.08 km2 is located in the Bay of Manado. Bunaken is part of the city of Manado, capital of North Sulawesi province. Bunaken has beautiful sea garden. Let's diving in Bunaken.

Bunaken is an Indonesian tropical water ecosystems consisting of mangrove ecosystems, sea grass beds, coral reefs, and land / coastal ecosystems. In the northern part consists of the island of Bunaken, Manado Tua Island, island Montehage, Siladen Island, the island of Nain, Nain Island is small, and some coastal areas of Cape Pisok. While in the Southern Cape coast includes some coconut. 
Fantastic underwater life. Image:

Enjoy the beauty of the sea, you have to go through two trips, at first you will be taken by boat out to sea, then you will transit into a glass vessel waiting. From here you can see the beautiful panorama of natural marine park on the sea floor.

If you want to see the beauty of Bunaken marine nature more clearly, you can use the submarine Blue Banter. However, the submarine will only operate at high tides. The view that you can see from the submarine is certainly stunning, as you will directly be under the water surface.

Some tourists who go there seem very eager to see the beauty of the marine park is either by boat or submarine glass. In terms of rates, the glass boat is much cheaper than a submarine.
Relax after diving in Bunaken. Image:

Various activities can be done to enjoy the Bunaken marine tourism, such as diving, underwater photo, underwater video, rental boats and dolphin tour. You do not need to worry, because all the equipment to see the charm Bunaken Marine Park is all available there. You can rent diving equipment hire Liang Coast neighborhood.

 With scuba diving, rescuers can enjoy 'occupants' underwater Bunaken closer, like woodpeckers fish that have dorsal fins that can be enforced and locked so he could live safely in the hole in the rock. Do not approach the nest eggs of fish, because these fish will strike.

Gobi fish which is the largest families of reef fish, gobies one unique here is the Gobi shrimp that live together in a sand pit. Both possessed a different task, the shrimp was the nest hygiene-Gobi protects the shrimp from the opponent's attack. There Barracudas are flocking in large numbers with sharp serrated teeth to make it effective predators in the coral.
sea garden, underwater sports, scuba diving
Fantastic sea garden in Bunaken. Image:

You will see Bertandung, sword fish the Sword and have the same kind of sword at the bottom of the tail. The sword is use to defense of predator attack. Sometimes used to fight with each other to determine who the leader of the group becomes.

There is another angel who has a fish nests in the area. This type of fish forms a group consisting of one male and several females. The unique fish is born as females when adult males changed. Uniqueness, these fish are able to make a tap in the water. Perhaps because of its uniqueness was, people call the fish as an angel.

In addition to scuba diving, you can enjoy the underwater beauty of Bunaken with snorkeling. You will be happy to vacation in Bunaken. 

Bunaken people would also welcome with friendly, so you'll be happy here.