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Let's speak in Balinese

Let's speak in Balinese language (Bahasa/ Basa Bali)

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Balinese Greetings. Image:
 If you go to visit a country, it would be even more fun if you can speak the local language. You do not need to be fluent, but the local people are very happy if you greet and talk to them even if you only know a little of their language. If you go to Bali, I suggest to remember words and simple sentences that are listed below: 

1.    Greetings:
Balinese greetings, Om Swastiastu, rahajeng semeng, matur suksma, terimakasih
Om Swastiastu. Image: flickr
 When you meet people in Bali, before greeting or saying good morning, good afternoon or good evening, remember to say this greeting first: Om Swastiastu. This is similar to saying  Shalom, Salaam walaikum, Namaste, and so on. When you says Om Swastiastu, be sure incorporate both your hands in front of your chest (see picture).

a. Good Morning : Rahajeng Semeng
b. Good Evening : Rahajeng Wengi
c. Thank you : Suksma (Matur Suksma)
d. Excuse me! : Sugra nggih! 
e. My name is John : Wastan tiang John
f. How are you? : Punapi gatra? Or Kenken kabare?
g. I am fine : Tiang becik-becik
h. Good Bye : Pamit Nggih

Speak in Balinese. Image:

i. What’s your name? Sira pesengan ragane?
j. Where are you going? Lunga kija?
k. Where have you been? Kija busan?
l. How are things? Napa orti?
m. I’m / everythings fine. Tiang Becik becik kemanten.

2. Here are numbers in Basa Bali from 1 to 10.

– Siki, besik
2 – Kalih
3 – Tiga
4 – Pat (Papat)
5 – Lima
6 – Nem, enem
7 – Pitu
8 – Kutus
9 – Sia
10 – Dasa

3. Here are some sentences in Bahasa Bali:
holiday in Kuta beach, Balinese, Bali
Meet and talk with Balinese. Image:

Sira wasten jerone? What’s your name? My name is John, indeed. titiang madan John-inggih
Sira wasten ragane? What is your name?
Tiang Barry. I (am) Barry.
John uli negara dija? John is from which country?
Tiang uli negara America, inggih. I (am)from America, indeed.
Mara teka uli dija? (You) just came from where?
Tiang mara teka uli Kuta. I just came from Kuta.
Bapa suba makurenan? Are you already married?
Inggih. Tiang suba nganten. Yes. I am already married.
Kurenan bapane dija jani? Where is your wife now?
Ia jani di Kuta, di losmen. She is now in Kuta, in the guest house.

 Lakar lunga kija? Where do you want to go?
Tiang lakar ka airport. I want to go to airport.
Ada ajengan Bali ane tulen? Do you have native Balinese dishes?
Wenten-inggih! We have, indeed!
Ajengan napi sane wenten? Which dishes are they?
Wenten be guling miwah bebek betutu. There is roast pork and steamed duck.
Titiang suba ping telu di Bali. This is my third time in Bali.
Wenten pisang? Do you have banana?
Aksama tiang-tusing wenten. Jero kayun biu? Kayun markisa? Pardon me-there are none. Do you want pineaple, passion fruit?

The Balinese quickly familiar with foreigners, especially if you say hello and talk to them in Bahasa Bali. You'll enjoy the atmosphere of Bali if you are also make friends with one or more of the Balinese.

Let's holiday in Bali, and talk with Balinese.