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Eat Pray Love, a Julia Roberts movie in Bali

Have you read the novel "Eat Pray Love"? This novel tells the story of the American experience of Elizabeth Gilbert who love and spiritual journey to India, enjoy delicious food in Italy, and finding love in Bali.
bali, Eat Pray Love, film, holly water, honeymoon, Julia Roberts, Ketut Liyer, meditation, Padang Padang Beach, spiritual, Ubud, yoga,
Julia Roberts and the film crew were blessed with holy water before shooting the film. Image: life.viva.co.id   
bali, Eat Pray Love, film, holly water, honeymoon, Julia Roberts, Ketut Liyer, meditation, Padang Padang Beach, spiritual, Ubud, yoga,
Julia and Javier Bardem in Ubud. Image: the-marketeers.com
The novel tells the story of Elizabeth Gilbert (Liz) at age easily swayed. Shakiness which resulted in severe psychiatric disorders, such as a kite dropped after a divorce from her husband. She hated her husband so much so that he refused the words of wisdom "if you want to know more about your husband, and then divorce him." She actually divorced just because she wants to stop to learn more about him.

Elizabeth is a writer who is depressed due to her marriage. After a divorce from her husband, she was in touch with another man. Unfortunately, the relationship did not work well.

Adventure on the island of Lombok, the sister of Bali

If you have plans for a vacation to Bali, make sure you also visit the island of Lombok. Let's holiday in Lombok.

scuba diving in Gili Trawangan, diving in gili trawangan, adventure in lombok
Scuba diving in Gili Trawangan. Image: populartourismplace.com
The Lombok Island is well-known as a sister of Bali. The island of Lombok is located east of Bali and can be easily accessed by air or by sea. Lombok Island sweeps across the richest tropical waters in the world and vast expanse of ocean on one of the world's most volatile volcanic belts, diving in Lombok and beyond is a new and fresh around wild marine experience for all.

It is waiting for you to be discovered. Imagine; you are in new gorgeous underwater world that no one has been explored, that is Lombok Island wild dive about. Once you did, you will be glad what you did. Submerged, immaculate marine coliseums await the avid diver, the myriad fish and invertebrates that shelters among and encrust the rugged surface provided by the clumps, shelves and branches of corals are overwhelming in their numbers, shapes and colors.

Bali The Best Island

Bali is a real tropical paradise. Bali has again received an award as THE BEST ISLAND IN ASIA PASIFIC 2009 from the Hong Kong-based Destin Asia Magazine.

It’s for the fifth time Bali received award from Destin Asia as THE BEST ISLAND IN ASIA PASIFIC. Since 1998 Bali already got 25 International awards from international organization from other country. Bali also got award for THE BEST SPA IN THE WORLD from Senses Wellness magazine.

Bali is an island that seems to have a magnet that make u feel difficult to understand unless experienced but once visited you are surely compelled to come back and you may even want to stay forever.

You can enjoy a lot of attraction for adventure, beautiful landscape, honeymoon, outdoor sports, shopping, yoga, spa, snorkelling, surfing, and hideaway. Bali is a natural resorts island.

Mask Dance

Tari Topeng, balinese dance, holiday in bali, balinese art, mask dance
Tari Topeng. Image: potretbali.blogspot.com
Bali is a very unique tropical paradise. You will find many forms of fine arts in Bali. Bali’s abundant creativity is not restricted to carvings, paintings, textiles, souvenirs, etc. The performing arts such as music, dance and puppetry are equally as rich. Balinese arts are can be divided into two major categories. The first is for ceremonial (religious) purposes and the second is for entertainment. However visitors do not have to wait to see Balinese dance, because many restaurants and hotels hold regular dance performances, and there are many arena or amphitheater specially built to hold dance performances for tourists. There are many kind of Balinese dance such as Kecak Dance, Legong Dance, Topeng Dance or Mask Dance, Barong Dance. 

Dragon from Ancient Time

Are you ready for a real adventure? Let's go to Komodo island to see a real Dragon, not in the movie. Komodo island is beautiful. Seeing is believing.

If you have plenty of time in your holiday to Bali, don’t forget to Komodo National Park. While most visitors enter Komodo National Park (KNP) through the gateway cities of Labuan Bajo in the west of Flores or Bima in eastern Sumbawa, the departure point for your trip is actually Denpasar, Bali.

Komodo National Park includes three major islands: Komodo, Rinca and Padar, as well as numerous smaller islands creating a total surface area (marine and land) of 1817km (proposed extensions would bring the total surface area up to 2,321km2). As well as being home to the Komodo dragon, the Park provides refuge for many other notable terrestrial species such as the orange-footed scrub fowl, an endemic rat, and the Timor deer. Moreover, the Park includes one of the richest marine environments including coral reefs, mangroves, sea grass beds, seamounts, and semi-enclosed bays. These habitats harbor more than 1,000 species of fish, some 260 species of reef-building coral, and 70 species of sponges. Dugong, sharks, manta rays, at least 14 species of whales, dolphins, and sea turtles also make Komodo National Park their home.

Nusa Lembongan: A Little Paradise

Bali is a fantastic tropical Paradise. You can go to Kuta Beach or Legian for a great night life.
Why not travel over to the island escape of Nusa Lembongan and get away from the hectic lifestyle of Kuta and Legian?

Fewer than 4000 people are fortunate enough to call Nusa Lembongan home. This small island, just 20km off the east coast of Bali, survives on the proceeds of fishing and seaweed farming.- the water is crystal clear which makes for excellent diving and snorkelling, and with fewer visitors than the main areas of Bali, surfers can enjoy a less crowded surf at the breaks on Lembongan.

The unspoilt and relaxed atmosphere of the island has been maintained and is the islands greatest asset.

The protected island measures 4 x 3 kilometres, has good surf, crystal-clear waters for snorkelling and diving and is very relaxing. There is not much traffic, no big hotels or pollution. It has two villages, Desa Lembongan and Jungut Batu, the latter offering the island’s best accommodation and water sports.

Surfers go there to enjoy reef breaks with names like Playground, Shipwreck and Lacerations. Are you ready for a real vacation in Bali?

Bali is a genuine paradise.

Let’s go to Bali for a real adventure.

Family Holiday in Paradise

bali, Bali bird park, beach, children, destination, family, holiday, kids, marine park, rafting,
Bali safari. Image: explorebalitours.com
Everyone needs a vacation that will make someone's life happier and more meaningful. If you have children, wife or family then there is time to take them on vacation with you. You'll make them happy; your family will be closer to each other. You can accompany them on vacation to another city, even to a tropical island, which lies between Java and Lombok. If you look at a map of the world, this beautiful island is located between two continents, Australia and Asia.  

 Bali has a unique art and culture to know especially by your children. They would have been happy to get new knowledge about the culture of other nations, not just read about it in books or watch on television. 

Food Paradise in Bali

Holiday in Bali is a great adventure for everyone. Enjoy your vacation in Bali is fun because you can see sunset in Tanah Lot, Kuta or visit many museum or gallery in Ubud, Mas, and other places around Bali, and don’t forget to try Balinese food. Balinese cuisine is known for its spicy ingredients, the Balinese roasted pig 'Babi Guling' is a favorite as well as the Indonesian 'Nasi Goreng' (fried rice) , 'Mie Goreng' (fried noodle) or 'Satay' are frequently chosen dishes by foreigners.
If you go to Jimbaran Beach, Pantai Lebih or other food street area please don’t forget to try Ikan Bakar (Balinese traditional sea food) also very popular in Bali. Other appetizing alternatives such as Chinese or Oriental cuisines are represented in numerable food-stands orestaurants, while European and American foods are now also found in most of the tourist hubs.  


I love Kintamani. You can feel a peaceful life in Kintamani. Here you can enjoy a spectacular view of Mount Abang and Mount Agung (Bali's highest and holiest mountain) to the East from Kintamani.

Tour to Kintamani will bring you to the amazing experience to visit places of interest along the main road to Kintamani like Gua Gajah and Tampak Siring. Meanwhile the returning from Kintamani we can access three different ways to visit other tourist destinations if we wish to connect our tour to Besakih Temple or Ubud Village. Or if we wish back to hotel, we will pass the same way when we go to Kintamani. Before you live Kintamani, don't forget to visit several beautiful temple in Kintamani or temple near the lake. 

Night Life in Paradise

adventure, bali, expats, international, Kuta, night life, Nusa Dua, paradise, people, Sanur, tourist, travelers, Ubud, visitors,
Fantastic dinner
Bali is a great place to enjoy a fantastic night life. Trust me, you will not lonely in Bali. After one day tour to see many tourist destination around Bali, you should prepare for an extra adventure; a night life in paradise. Wow…. Night life in Bali starts late, which means around midnight.

Many visitors wonder where crowds of expats suddenly come from around 1:00 in the morning – even when all of Kuta has been very quiet during the whole evening, the IN-places often become crowded after midnight. Let’s enjoy the music, dance, and surrounded by International people.

adventure, bali, expats, international, Kuta, night life, Nusa Dua, paradise, people, Sanur, tourist, travelers, Ubud, visitors, There's a simple explanation: during the early evenings many of Bali's night owls either still work, visit friends at home, or simply sleep. Most of them visit pubs, café, bars, or discos only in the early morning hours.

 Therefore, if you plan a night out don't start your dinner too early.

Between 9:00 p.m. and midnight there are not many places we can recommend. For further information you can ask your tour guide or the hotel receptionist. They will give you a lot of information.

Visitors looking for company don't need to worry. Wherever you go in Legian, Sanur, Nusa Dua, Ubud and the Kuta area, there are many other single travelers with the same problem around – day and night. You can find your future fiancé in Bali. Who knows?