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Discover the shooting location of Eat Pray Love, a Julia Roberts movie in Bali

Have you read the novel "Eat Pray Love"? This novel tells the story of the American experience of Elizabeth Gilbert who loves and spiritual journey to India, enjoy delicious food in Italy, and finding love in Bali. Julia Roberts and the film crew were blessed with holy water before shooting the film. Image:    The novel tells the story of Elizabeth Gilbert (Liz) at age easily swayed. Shakiness resulted in severe psychiatric disorders, such as a kite dropped after a divorce from her husband. She hated her husband so much so that he refused the words of wisdom "if you want to know more about your husband, and then divorce him." She actually divorced just because she wants to stop to learn more about him. Julia  Rovert and Javier Bardem in Ubud.  I mage: Elizabeth is a writer who is depressed due to her marriage. After a divorce from her husband, she was in touch with another man. Unfortunately, the relationship did not wor

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It's a Wonderful Paradise

It's a Wonderful Paradise
Beautiful Sunrise in Bali
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