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Legendary Windmill in Holland

  The Netherlands is not only famous for its tulips, but also a windmill. The windmill is a fascinating cultural heritage of other nations to become Dutch icon as the "Land of Windmills". Finding the windmills in the Netherlands is not really difficult because typical building windmills that already exist in the Netherlands since hundreds of years ago are still widely spread throughout the Netherlands. Tina and her husband in Holand   Windmills in the Netherlands at the beginning of its existence around 13th century serves to push the water into the sea in order to form a new, more extensive land (polders) given geographical territory Dutch mostly under sea level. With the development of technology, around the 17th century windmill is used also as a tool that helps in agriculture and industries such as the manufacture of paper, wood polish, remove the oil from the seeds, also grind corn. The number of windmills centuries ago around 10,000 and now live about 1000 wind

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It's a Wonderful Paradise

It's a Wonderful Paradise
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