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The charm of Thailand

Chao Phraya River . Image: Once you visit Bali or Lombok, you can continue your journey to Thailand. You can visit Bangkok. The city is located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River , Bangkok (or so-called ‘Krung Thep’ by locals, is a paradox that thrilling. Thailand's capital is to maintain the old legacy opens at the same time welcoming new things with full enthusiasm. After becoming the capital for more than two centuries, Bangkok in the last 20 years has seen many changes. Skyscrapers form a new city, the SkyTrain divides the city with fast trains, and subways are also ready to take people on the move.

Family Holiday in Paradise

Bali safari. Image: Everyone needs a vacation that will make someone's life happier and more meaningful. If you have children, wife or family then there is time to take them on vacation with you. You'll make them happy; your family will be closer to each other. You can accompany them on vacation to another city, even to a tropical island, which lies between Java and Lombok. If you look at a map of the world, this beautiful island is located between two continents, Australia and Asia.     Bali has a unique art and culture to know especially by your children. They would have been happy to get new knowledge about the culture of other nations, not just read about it in books or watch on television. 

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It's a Wonderful Paradise

It's a Wonderful Paradise
Beautiful Sunrise in Bali
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