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Vacation and adventure in Europe, the Blue Continent

Choosing a holiday in Bali or Hollywood is a dream for tourists from all over the world. Both are beautiful places and have great appeal to invite you to enjoy the natural beauty, art, culture and the wonders of the world-class tourism. If you have ever visited Bali or the United States, perhaps the Blue Continent could be your next destination.

Blue continent or the European continent today you can visit with ease, thanks to low cost airlines, as well as offer a friendly hotel rates. Of course, if you want to get first-class service, you also can get it easily, you can even use a private jet you comfortably.
Schönbrunn Palace, Holiday in Europe, Prague, Budapest, honeymoon, Paris, Eiffel tower, Ceko, Polandia tour, Tour to Europe
Romantic honeymoon in Paris. Image: rendezvous-paris.com

In Eastern Europe and in the western part of the continent, there are a lot of beautiful scenery and interesting, with a variety of features that will make your holiday very enjoyable and provide the fondest memories of your life. 

You can enjoy a variety of unique food, the beauty of art and culture, even the great variety of attractions that will amaze you.

Vienna, Austria is one of the beautiful cities of Europe are worth your visit. In Vienna you will be fascinated by the Schönbrunn Palace, which is a well-known summer palace in Austria. You also see the other historic buildings such as St. Stephen's Cathedral, and the Opera House with a magnificent stage and most comprehensive in the world.
Schönbrunn Palace, Holiday in Europe, Prague, Budapest, honeymoon, Paris, Eiffel tower, Ceko, Polandia tour, Tour to Europe
Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna. Image: cityscouter.com

Continue your trip by visiting Hallstatt, a picturesque old town, located on the shores of Lake Hallstatter See. The city has about four thousand years old, known as the Pearl Austria. You will marvel at this old town, which is also a UNESCO world cultural heritage.

Do not forget to visit Germany, which also has historic cities such as Berlin and a variety of other interesting places. Similarly, Hungary, Budapest and other cities in Eastern Europe with an amazing variety of tourist attractions. Arriving in Budapest, you need to visit the Fisherman's Bastion, which is located in the city of Budapest. Make sure you enjoy the beauty of the Danube River from St. Mathias Church.

If in Hungary, remember also to visit the Hero Square, a Hungarian royal palace and Houses of Parliament. All of them are historical places in Europe. 
Schönbrunn Palace, Holiday in Europe, Prague, Budapest, honeymoon, Paris, Eiffel tower, Ceko, Polandia tour, Tour to Europe
Hungary-Danube-River-Cruises. Image: neverstoptraveling.com

If you are lovers of historic places, then Poland in Eastern Europe you should not miss in your vacation plans. In Poland, you can visit Autzcwitz, a concentration camp built by German Nazis, namely the persecution by the Nazis to the Jews in World War II. Visit this terrible place, with a great hope that similar events do not happen again now and in the future.
Wieliecka, a largest natural salt mines is also important for you to see. Afterwards, continue your trip to the Old Town and Wawel Kastel. 

Holidays in Poland would be more complete if you are to Warsaw, because you will be able to enjoy the beauty of Lazienski Park, the largest park in the city. Apparently, in this park you can take pictures at the Chopin Monument.
Schönbrunn Palace, Holiday in Europe, Prague, Budapest, honeymoon, Paris, Eiffel tower, Ceko, Polandia tour, Tour to Europe

Amazing night view in Prague. Image: enjoyourholiday.com

Another unique places that you can visit in Europe is Prague, in the Czech Republic, Paris, in France with the famous Eiffel Tower. The series tour in Europe is really fun because it can be enjoyed by cruise, bus or train, so you'll see more of the beautiful scenery along the way, and you can even visit more interesting cities such as Geneva in Switzerland, even you can visit Rome and Milan, beautiful towns in Italy.

There are so many fabulous tourist sites in various cities, villages, lakes and beautiful mountains in Western and Eastern Europe. You simply need to discuss with your family or your friends, so you can vacation with family or friends, even a romantic getaway as a couple, honeymooning in Paris or Prague. Before you go to a travel agent, you can surf on the Internet, and maximize the search engine Google, Bing or Yahoo. Wow.

Eat Pray Love, a Julia Roberts movie in Bali

Have you read the novel "Eat Pray Love"? This novel tells the story of the American experience of Elizabeth Gilbert who love and spiritual journey to India, enjoy delicious food in Italy, and finding love in Bali.
bali, Eat Pray Love, film, holly water, honeymoon, Julia Roberts, Ketut Liyer, meditation, Padang Padang Beach, spiritual, Ubud, yoga,
Julia Roberts and the film crew were blessed with holy water before shooting the film. Image: life.viva.co.id   
bali, Eat Pray Love, film, holly water, honeymoon, Julia Roberts, Ketut Liyer, meditation, Padang Padang Beach, spiritual, Ubud, yoga,
Julia and Javier Bardem in Ubud. Image: the-marketeers.com
The novel tells the story of Elizabeth Gilbert (Liz) at age easily swayed. Shakiness which resulted in severe psychiatric disorders, such as a kite dropped after a divorce from her husband. She hated her husband so much so that he refused the words of wisdom "if you want to know more about your husband, and then divorce him." She actually divorced just because she wants to stop to learn more about him.

Elizabeth is a writer who is depressed due to her marriage. After a divorce from her husband, she was in touch with another man. Unfortunately, the relationship did not work well.

Raja Ampat is a true paradise for divers and marine lovers

scuba diving, diving in Raja Ampat, marine life, marine biologist, oceanographer, underwater photography, nadine chandrawinata, holiday in Raja Ampat,
Pulau Wayag, beautiful island in Raja Ampat. Image: regional.kompas.com
Do you have finished your wonderful holiday in Bali?

Bali is famous as the last paradise on earth in more than 100 years ago. It is time you come to the corner of Papua in Indonesia, the Raja Ampat.

Let's go to another paradise in Indonesia. Raja Ampat in West Papua's remote location but the area is save a million underwater beauty. 

scuba diving, diving in Raja Ampat, marine life, marine biologist, oceanographer, underwater photography, nadine chandrawinata, holiday in Raja Ampat,
Nadine Chandrawinata is ready to dive in Raja Ampat. Image: twitter.com
Raja Ampat is a hidden paradise for scuba divers, marine biologist, oceanographer or adventurous who loves natural beauty, definitely will not miss the chance to visit the last paradise in the marine field, at least once in their lives. Even honeymooners will get the fondest memories in the life of love.

Raja Ampat marine tourism is known as one of the 10 best dive tourism in the world. This area is known as a center for tropical richest natural resources in the world. Do you want to miss this beauty for granted?

How is the best way to get in Raja Ampat

Who knows we could meet and dive with Chandrawinata Nadine, a gorgeous diver, and she is also a famous actress and model from Indonesia.

Holidays and fantastic diving in Wakatobi

diving in wakatobi, snorkeling in Wakatobi, underwater world, underwater photography, honeymoon in Wakatobi, wakatobi resorts, holiday in wakatobi
Fantastic diving in Wakatobi. Image: worldin1001view.com
If you a professional diver or you are just interested in learning to dive, or snorkeling, then you can diving in Nusa PenidaBali, or Wakatobi archipelago. 

The Wakatobi Marine National Park is renowned for its stunning underwater world and as a magical heaven for scuba divers and snorkelers alike. This is southeast Sulawesi; a birthmark-shaped island in Indonesia’s northeast and home to some of the world’s most spectacular coral reefs, located in the midst of a remote island archipelago group known to adventure voyager as Tukang Besi.

Wakatobi is named after the four islands that surround it, Wangi Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia, and Binongko (Wa Ka To Bi). The naming of Wakatobi indeed make easy the divers to locate dive sites in Google Earth or in the best dive spots of the world. Let’s dive in Wakatobi.

Flying Fish and fantastic water sports in Bali

flying fish tanjung benoa, diving, surfing, tanjung benoa
Flying Fish in Tanjung Benoa. Image: Komang Setiabudi (KS)

Fantastic adventure in Paradise

Adventures in Bali are very exciting for every traveller. A great selection of water sports you can do in Bali such as surfing, scuba diving, flying fish or explore Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida with cruise. 

 You can go to Dreamland Beach, and other places such as the Medewi Beach which is famous for surfing. If you are a huge fan of diving, then you can go to Amed, Tulamben and Nusa Penida.

Let's speak in Balinese

Let's speak in Balinese language (Bahasa/ Basa Bali)

speak balinese, balinese conversation, learn balinese, bahasa Bali
Balinese Greetings. Image: balinaturaltreasure.com
 If you go to visit a country, it would be even more fun if you can speak the local language. You do not need to be fluent, but the local people are very happy if you greet and talk to them even if you only know a little of their language. If you go to Bali, I suggest to remember words and simple sentences that are listed below: 

1.    Greetings:
Balinese greetings, Om Swastiastu, rahajeng semeng, matur suksma, terimakasih
Om Swastiastu. Image: flickr
 When you meet people in Bali, before greeting or saying good morning, good afternoon or good evening, remember to say this greeting first: Om Swastiastu. This is similar to saying  Shalom, Salaam walaikum, Namaste, and so on. When you says Om Swastiastu, be sure incorporate both your hands in front of your chest (see picture).

a. Good Morning : Rahajeng Semeng
b. Good Evening : Rahajeng Wengi
c. Thank you : Suksma (Matur Suksma)
d. Excuse me! : Sugra nggih! 
e. My name is John : Wastan tiang John
f. How are you? : Punapi gatra? Or Kenken kabare?
g. I am fine : Tiang becik-becik
h. Good Bye : Pamit Nggih

Borobudur and Prambanan Temple

Java island is famous because of it's fantastic coffee, but you can see beautiful paradise in this tropical island. 
Borobudur temple, Central Java, YogjakartaIf you have some extra days, don’t forget to visit Java Island. You can see many beautiful places in Jogjakarta, and Central Java. Java is not far from Bali. You can fly to Java or by land.

Budha statue in Borobudur, Borobudur big Budha temple

Borobudur temple is so beautiful. Borobudur, the great Buddhist stupa on Java (Indonesia), built and decorated perhaps before 800AD, should be on anybody's list of the ten greatest art-complexes in the world for its size, quality, sophistication and excellent state of preservation.

Borobudur located in Central Java and very close from Jogjakarta. You can stay in Jogjakarta, so you can visit a big Hindu temple, Candi Prambanan